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  • Yagya for Quick Recovery from Illnesses

    A speedy recovery from illness.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Insomnia, and for Helping in Good Sleep

    Without proper rest it is not possible to live full life. Get rid of the insomnia with the help of this yagya.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Keeping Away of Illnesses

    With making precautions through positive yagya vibrations you can keep away illness from your life.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Loosing Weight

    This yagya is for cutting fat from the body and to loose weight.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Freedom from Addiction of Drugs

    This yagya is for the liberation from the habit of taking drugs.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Safe and Successful Surgery

    This yagya is for helping the surgery to be performed accurately with all safeguards.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Controlling Body Elements (Vatta/Pitta/Cough)

    This yagya is for controlling and balancing of all the three doshas of the body.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Hormone Problems

    Hormones balance the body functions. By performing this yagya a person gets relief from hormones problems.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Phobia

    By taking care of certain fears through yagya performances time by time.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Arthritis

    With taking yagya therapy one can cure joint pains. This yagya is for curing arthritis.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Female Menstrual Problems

    Many women face with pain during the menses month by month. This yagya is for ridding from painful menses.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Eczema

    To get relief from skin disease.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for General Health

    You should not wait until any disease find you. Prevent the danger which has not come yet with this general health yagya.

    0.00 USD