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Birth Time Rectification

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    There is a special technologie in Vedic Astrology to determine and clarify the unknown time of birth. For this we need to know some important events from your life with the dates of them. If we go back on the line of the known events in a person’s life, we can refine the time of birth. After receiving your events with dates, we may ask some more specific questions, such as interested in art or rather in mathematics, etc ...

    Events you should give us:
    - date of marriage / relationships
    - child's  birth date
    - car/land/house purchase
    - moving new house/city
    - date of travels
    - date of first work
    - accidents, injuries, surgeries
    - major diseases
    - deaths in the family
    - dates of financial losses
    - new jobs, new business
    - inheritance
    - any major events in life with date

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    Please give 5-6 major events from your life with dates
    E.g., 2023-03-24
    E.g., 2023-03-24
    E.g., 2023-03-24
    E.g., 2023-03-24
    E.g., 24.03.2023
    E.g., 2023-03-24