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  • Yagya for Finding Love, Relationship, Suitable Life Partner

    If you offer your whole life to your life partner, you will get the wholeness of life. This yagya helps you in finding him or her.

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  • Yagya for Removing Obstacles from the Way of Love Caused by Third Party

    Many times third party (like mother in law, etc...) can cause obstacles in our love life. Many times love with a certain of people are obstructed or prohibited by a third party. This yagya can help you removing this kind of obstacles.

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  • Yagya for Blessed and Happy Married Life

    If you want to enjoy married life in the fullest extent, you need to have the fullness of life within yourself. You can enjoy married life with fully developed heart and mind. Bless your married life with this yagya.

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  • Yagya for Better Partner Relationship

    This yagya is for the person who is not married yet, but live in a partner relationship with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend and would like to harmonize his/her relationship.

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