Yagya temple for Vedic Pandits

Places of yagya performances

The yagyas are performed in one of the following yagya centres in India:

  1. Kanchi Kam Koti Pith Temple, Sector-45, Noida,
  2. Sanatan Dharm Mandir Sector-37 Noida.
  3. Ganga River’s strand in Rishikesh (Rudrabhishek yagya for fullness of life)

Rudrabhishek yagya can also be performed at Ganga River strand/side in pilgrimage place of Rishikesh, Haridwar. According to Vedic scriptures, at Ganga River’s rim Rudrabhishek effect is thousands time more. This special option needs double checking, its cost can be higher.

You have the possibility to visit the yagya centre where your yagya is performed at the time of your personal yagya, but you need to make on appointment from us for this. Lodging and food facility are not available.