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About Yagyas

What is Yagya (Yagna or Yajna)


Yagya (yagna or yajna) is a consciousness based method originated form India. By means of the yagya performances the specially trained vedic pandits enhance the positive effects of life for a certain of people or for a group of peoples, and release or dissolve the negative effects.

Veda means knowledge, vedic means relate with veda, viz. relate with the truth concerning the true nature of life. If a person realize the true nature of life, can function perfectly according to natural laws. In this way all the aspects of life will be spontaneously harmonious. Vedic pandits means, people who live according to the rules of the vedic tradition.

With the yagya (yagna, yajna) performances achieved by vedic pandits everybody can create harmony in all the aspects of his(her) life. Harmony in the individual life is the base of the harmony of a nation. The main aspects of life are: spiritual, mental and physical. We divided these aspects to many subdivisions like work and business, property and money, love and relations, education, members of the family, etc... to be easier to chose out the required service.