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'Vedic' means pertaining to Veda. 'Veda' is a Sanskrit term that means knowledge. The Vedic Literature is an age-old literature of India. It has been preserved generation after generation, from parents to children, in Vedic Families of India. It is a large collection of verses and books, which are divided into 40 disciplines, also called 40 aspects or branches. Each branch specializes in a particular field or aspect of knowledge.' - Professor Tony Nader

The ancient Veda and Vedic Literature, brought to light and understood by the Holy Masters of the Vedic Tradition. These masters are: Narayana, Padmabhava, Vasistha, Shakti, Parashara, Vyasa, Shuka, Gaudapada, Govinda, Shankara, Padmapada, Hastamalaka, Trotaka, Varttikakara, Guru Dev, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

'The Vedic Tradition, upheld in its purity by a long history of custodians, enshrines the supreme knowledge of the integration of life.

'From time to time, a revival of man's understanding of the eternal wisdom of the Holy Tradition arises to rescue him from suffering, restoring him to the speedy path of evolution, and awakening him to a meaningful life in fulfilment.

'The Masters of this Tradition have been exponents of reality from earliest ages. In each new epoch, they have propounded the enduring truths of practical living and have set out those standards by which men's lives may attain the highest achievements and fulfilment, generation after generation.' -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Through the blessings of the Vedic Tradition we have the chance to live our life in peace and harmony with the help of the knowledge and with the help of the yagyas revealed by them.

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