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What is Vedic Mantra

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  • Vedic mantra, sometimes called vedic vibration is a combination of sounds to enliven different aspects of natural law. Ancient vedic knowledge consist of many vedic mantras. Trained pandits can use the mantras to avoid the enlivening of unwanted elements in personal life or to enhance positive effects. Different mantras are chanted for different purposes. To know what mantras are the best to chant for a desired result, needs a long time traning, and a good knowledge of the vedas. Luckily nowadays well-trained pandits in India are able to use this knowledge. Pandits organize vedic rituals (yagya, yagna), during which they sing vedic mantras. Click the 'ask free yagya recommendation' sign in the yellow text box bellow and we send to you free of charge a personal yagya suggestion. Through yagyas everything is possible.