How to choose a yagya supplier?


1. Check who is the Astrologer & Yagya Consultant. This is a consciousness based science. It is very important if your yagya consultant is well educated in vedic literature, in vedic knowledge.

Our head pandit, Pt. Umesh Sharma (view picture) belongs to a Brahmin family from Uttrakhand (Himalaya) and had given his services to many Vedic organizations located in Delhi & Noida. He is a Jyotish Acharya. Acharya is a yoga term used to describe a spiritually enlightened teacher belonging to a recognized tradition. Generally this isn't a given name, but an earned one that is affixed to an already given name after becoming an experienced expert in a certain subject. He has been associated with many astrological research institutions for astrology predictions. At present he is providing his services and guidance for astrology (Jyotish) and all types of  traditional Yagya services at international level.

2. Check the pandits performing the yagya performances. Are they well trained?

Vedic Yagya InternationalTM has a treasure of well educated and experienced Vedic Pandits (view picture) who attained knowledge from Maharishi Ved Vigyan Noida, India and worked there for years. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the latest master in the line of the Masters of Vedic Tradition (view picture) after Guru Dev, Shankara, Govinda, Vyasa and Vasistha, just to mention a few. He revealed for the welfare of the mankind the true knowledge of the vedic literature. He established many schools where people can acquire the life according to natural law.

3. Check if there is a mantra listening possibility during the yagya performances.

At the beginning of your yagya performance we give you a 5-10 minutes call, when you can check out your personal yagya performance.

4. Check if there is a visiting possibility to the places of performance.

With us, you have the possiblity to check personally your yagya procedure, but please keep in mind, that you have to make an appointment  in advance. However, lodging and food facility are not available.

5. Check the ages of the pandits participate in your yagya performance.

Please check the photos of the pandits in our website for verification.

6. Check if you receive a yagya certificate after the performance.

Our service includes a nice certificate after the yagya performance, showing that you have participated in a yagya procedure with us.

7. Check if you receive invoice after your payment.

Invoice prove that the service you buy is legal, and the team you order from pay taxes.

8. Check if the website is a safe.

We have a specially SSL secured website for protecting your personal datas: https://www.worldofyagyas.com