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Life Reading

  • Jyotish Life Reading

    Life reading is a comprehensive report covering every important aspects of your life, like business, career, money, health, love, marriage, children, education, vehicle, property, foreign travel, etc... With the help of the life reading you can better understand which aspects of your life are supported by nature, which aspects you need to take care with special attention. Gems and yagya recommendation are also included. With the help of them there opens up a possibility to improve your life quality. Don't forget, with yagyas everything is possible.

    161.00 USD
  • Year Ahead Report

    This report gives you an overview of your life on all major aspects along with year ahead prospects of coming year. The major aspects of the report will be for career prospects, finance or wealth trends, health, business prospects, love or marriage, family life in general and of course remedial measures if needed, to ease the evil effects of any planet for the year. The report also contains yagya suggestions. With the help of them your life can be full and harmonious.

    81.00 USD
  • Career Report

    Career is considered to be an important aspect of life. With the help of the planning of the right career, you get into right profession and averting delays and problems in career, it is better to have a report on planetary influences ruling this aspect. The report also contains yagya suggestions.

    81.00 USD
  • Love and Relationships Report

    Relations are built and destroyed in moments, so whatever is hidden for you to know about relationship in your life is important. You may be in love with someone or you want to be in love with someone. You may feel anxious or worried about your wish to love or be loved comes true. It is interesting to know. We give better advice on relationship building and understanding life partner. The report also contains yagya suggestions. It can make your life better.

    81.00 USD
  • Business Report

    Any business has inherent ups and downs. Are you contemplating any expansion or change in line of business? Find out from this report as to what is best for you in the present set of circumstances. All this is analysed with the main business objective of increasing your profits. The report also contains yagya suggestions.

    81.00 USD
  • Finance Report

    There are always concerns for financial matters, investments, borrowings, recoveries, savings and the periods of cash cushion or crunch. This report covers some of the indications as influenced by the planetary forces in the next one year and suggests possibilities for investments and how to best accomplish that to your advantage. The report also contains yagya suggestions.

    81.00 USD
  • Health Report

    No amount of money, success in profession or happiness in relationships can be fulfilling unless you enjoy good health. Ailment is one inevitable eventuality by which we are all going to suffer sometime or the other. An early warning of disease prone periods can lead to caution and suitable medical advice. The report also contains yagya suggestions. Benefit from it and don't forget to ask for the yagya performance.

    81.00 USD
  • Gems Recommendation

    Enhance the positive energy by using the powerful gems. Gems Stone increases the beneficial aspects of nature by absorbing rays of the weak planet and following them into the human body to supplement the weakness. Gemstone recommendation report will help you by analysis you birth chart about what metal the gem should be set in and which part of the body the jewellery is to be worn on for best results. We suggest you professional help in selecting the right gemstone with our gemstone recommendation report.

    81.00 USD
  • Ask Specific Questions

    On many occasions in our life we need specific reply to our queries in yes or no. In such circumstances detailed analysis may not be necessary; but one needs to take an instant action. It may be a professional area, business crisis or personal hurdles, where a person wants an authentic solution immediately. In such eventualities, a specific question is put to get an urgent and immediate answer to a query. The report also contains yagya suggestions.

    81.00 USD