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  • Yagya for Promoting to Pass an Exam

    This yagya gives you support when you most need it at school. This yagya is for helping you to pass an exam.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Promoting the Entrance Examination

    An entrance examination is a big event in the life of a student. This yagya gives support on this big occasion.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting Rid of Conflict with Teacher

    Obstacles, like conflicts with teacher can make your study more difficult. You have the chance with this yagya to get rid of unpleasantnesses and oppositions with teacher.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Improving Memory

    You can have a good chance to reach higher results in different studies. This yagya gives you an opportunity to improve your memory.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Good Luck in Study

    This yagya gives you a general good luck and support in your study. With the help of the support of Nature you can have a clear way in your studies without obstacles.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Getting rid of Excessive Jitter or Nervousness

    Many people have problems, that they are too nervous or jittery in certain of circumstances, like exams, tests, etc... This can effect badly to your achievements. Get rid of it with the help of this yagya.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya To Promote Technical Skills

    Surgeon doctors, artists and technical person can enhance their creativity with this yagya.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Creativity and Inspiration in Art and in Composition of Music

    The greatest artists and composers in history gathered their inspiration from a special force. This yagya grants a unique support to find the way to creativity.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Quick Development in Musical Instrumental Skills and in Singing

    Acquiring practical instrumental or singing skills take a lot of time and effort. This yagya helps you in the quickest development.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Self Confidence and for Getting Rid of Stage Fright

    Confidence is highly important for performers. One of the most difficult challenges is to get rid of your inside fears and to get self confidence in any situation. With this yagya you can become an accomplished performer.

    0.00 USD
  • Name and Fame in Art or in Music Society

    To be well-known it is crucial to have the proper support. This yagya helps to gain name and fame for musicians, artists and performers.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Removing Obstacles in the Field of Art/Music

    Any obstacles can be removed in the field of Art or Music with this yagya.

    0.00 USD
  • Yagya for Quick Acquirement of Theoretical and Professional Knowledge in the Field of Art/Music

    Without sufficient theoretical and professional knowledge the development of the performer leads only to a certain level. For the quicker achievement of this knowledge use this yagya.

    0.00 USD