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  • Akshaya Tritiya

    Day of unfailing, immortality, for long lasting fulfillment of desire

    10th of May 2024

    Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is ruled by Vishnu, the preserver. The word "Akshaya" denotes the never diminishing spirit of a human in Sanskrit and the day brings loads of good luck and success to those who observe this day with complete rituals.

    The day is a significant one for doing charity as well and anyone showing this act of kindness gets automatically blessed by the deities. Any work initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya grows beyond expectations and brings prosperity.

    It is the day of unfailing, for long lasting fulfillment of desire. This year, Akshya Tritiya will fall on 10th of May (according to Vedic calendar). If you are looking forward to start any new venture, you don’t need to look specific Muhurta as it is called Sarva Sidha Muhurta, implying whatever you do is fulfilled.

    According to Vedic astrology, Sun and moon play important role in human beings and both become strong this day, giving individuals benefits that last over a long period of time.

    On the 10th of May, we will begin the Akshaya Tritiya yagya, anyone who is interested can contribute to this yagya. An „A” category yagya with 7 pandits for 1 day for this occasion costs 335 USD. 

    Jai Guru Dev

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