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Muhurta and Auspicious Timings

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    Muhurta means perfect time. If the required action is done on the most perfect date or in the best time, than it can be carried out without obstacles. It is good to ask auspicious timings for the most determining events of our life, for example:

    -  wedding
    -  moving to new house
    -  starting constructions
    -  starting new business
    -  buying vehicle
    -  changing job
    -  starting ventures
    -  starting new investments
    -  starting education
    -  long journeys
    -  surgeries
    -  naming ceremonies
    -  etc...

    For determining the muhurta we need from you the data's of the required event, and the planned period, date, or time. We will check the perfect time for you within the required period or at the required date, and send you all of them. If there is no favourable time within the required period or on the required day, than we will send you the closest ones. Any obstacles can be removed by Yagyas.

    76.00 USD
    E.g., 2024-06-22
    E.g., 13:56