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Auspicious nine days of Mother Divine (Navratri)

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For health, wealth, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment

From the 13th of April to the 21st of April 2021

According to Vedic knowledge on each day of the year a particular law of nature becomes more lively than usual. Mother Divine is the creative, nourishing, evolutionary power of Natural Law. The three aspects of Mother Divine are Durga, Mahalakshmi and Saraswati (power, bliss and knowledge). Mahalakshmi lively in our consciousness enlivens the unbounded bliss, prosperity and success in life. Durga represents Shakti, infinite organising power. Saraswati is the embodiment of pure knowledge. Saraswati is responsible to accomplish our desires. and represents intelligence, enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge.

The Mother Divine days are considered to be very good duration for any work. All works can be completed successfully if done in this duration. During these days our soul is filled with cheer and joy and it also give birth to new ideas. It is very nicely said in Vedic literature that the Yagyas can bring all success in all fields like power, wealth, children, happiness, defeating enemies, etc.

However the highest prosperity and success is to realize the supreme oneness of life. These days enliven the desire for enlightenment and oneness with the absolute.

We are organizing yagya on this occasion. You can also avail the benefit of this yagya for the welfare of your family and your wishes. An „A” category yagya with 7 pandits for 9 days for this occasion costs 803 USD. 

Jai Guru Dev


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