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What is yagna?


Yagna is the other name of yagya.  Some people use it as yajna.
It  is  a consciousness  based  vedic  performance.  Yagnas   are
performed  by  vedic  pandits  with   the  aim  to bring prosperity,
health,  contentment,  wealth, happyness to people or to nations.
Contentment  is  the  base  of  a  full life. A person who lives the
fullness of life can only be the base of an enlightened nation.


During yagnas  specially trained people chant  vedic  mantras and
pour  obligations  to  fire.   The  overall  name  of these  specially
trained people is pandit  (or pundit).  Vedic  pandits live a pure life
according  to  the  rules of vedic  literature.  For  more  information
please  read  the  "know more about yajna"  section  or  the "about
yagya" section at the following website:


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