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What are the astrological remedies?


Planets and  other celestial bodies exert their good  and adverse
effects on every individual. The unfavourable effects of opposing
planetary  combinations  can  give  mental stress, long illness or
push an  individual  to the  brink  of bankruptcy.  In case of such
complicated  situations,  astrological  remedies are the solutions
which  can  help   a  person.  Vedic  Astrology  identifies  few  key
astrological remedies like:


Mantra:  A repeated recitation of auspicious text lines or words to
overcome the setbacks.


Tantra:  Can  be  used  in  the  cases where  no definite solution is
coming out by the way of using Mantras.


Yantra: A "talisman" or "Kavach", and  a visible means to gain wealth,
power and cancel out the malefic effects of planets.


Gems:    Recommend  to  strengthen   the  weak  auspicious   planetary
positions and the already strong planets.


In  addition  to  these,  some  other common astrological remedies include
wearing,  amulets,  rudrakshas,  giving donations,  keeping  fasts and using
specific  metals  to  control  that   inauspicious phase of life.  Although  these
astrological  remedies  affect  the  planets of the  person by enhancing the
positive aura and dispelling the evil obstructions, it must be noted that
these do not bring about success directly but may only just help in
overcoming the obstacles and difficult situations indirectly.

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